First-Strike Fiascos
 Local History

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This website contains articles, essays, and speeches, mostly by Les Young, and a few noteworthy works by others, including President John F. Kennedy’s address to the 1963 graduating class at American University, Washington, DC, inviting ‘nuclear sanity’ in our affairs with the USSR, and Senator Robert C. Byrd’s March 19, 2003 speech “Today I Weep for my Country,” delivered on the floor of the U.S. Senate on the eve of America’s invasion of Iraq – a war of choice, as he called it.

Also included under ‘Others’ is a post-9/11 poem – “The Attending” – by Fred Chappell, North Carolina’s poet laureate, in which he beseeches us to seek wisdom from the sages from our past. Also included is a sermon by Dr. Joseph C. Hough, Jr., President of Union Theological Seminary, delivered at Riverside Church, New York City, in 2002, in which he offers an interpretation of the meaning of the “Book of Revelation” that can be soothing to a troubled soul. Dr. Hough and Les Young each are natives of Norwood, NC, a two-stoplight town in the southern Piedmont.

We hope you enjoy browsing and reading the material found on these pages. We welcome your comments. Please respond here. Thank you for visiting.

Les Young, Norwood, NC

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